Tuesday 27th November, 2012
A recent review of 75 studies investigating the risk factors for postpartum depression found that women who are at risk could be at higher risk if their Omega 3 levels are lowered. “The literature shows that there could be a link between pregnancy, Omega 3 and the chemical reaction that...Read more
Wednesday 21st November, 2012
We caught up with the UK’s top Ultra-runner Neil Bryant shortly after he completed the grueling Trans-Europe footrace to find out what drives him, inspires him and fuels him and what he plans to do next. The Trans-Europe Footrace consists of 64 days of running to complete the 4176km distance...Read more
Wednesday 14th November, 2012
In their recent issue, Surf Girl Magazine feature a whole host of healthy tricks to help see you through the long nights and cold days this winter. They cover everything from body washes, fragrances and hair brushes to tart cherry juice and edible oils. The oil that they recommend is...Read more
Tuesday 13th November, 2012
In this month's issue of Pregnancy & Birth Magazine, leading beauty gurus reveal the products they swear by during pregnancy. Professional make-up artist Jemma Kidd said that during pregnancy, her skin, hair and nails seemed to be lacking in nutrients and that she swears by Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend...Read more
Tuesday 6th November, 2012
In an interview with "The Urban Retreat Beautique" this Sunday, the gorgeous Jemma Kidd stuck to her philosophy that beauty starts from within and that make-up is a great tool but it's what you put into your body that really counts. When asked about her top beauty and general health...Read more
Thursday 1st November, 2012
On her blog; "oh la la livia", Olivia recently posted an article on the benefits of consuming Omega 3 along with a delicious and easy to prepare Omega 3 rich recipe including Udo's Oil: Salmon, Avocado and Lamb’s Lettuce Salad with Udo's Oil Dressing Ingredients: Salmon Avocado Lambs Lettuce For...Read more

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