Getting beach body ready at home

Getting beach body ready at home

It all starts in the kitchen

It doesn’t matter how hard or how frequently you exercise you are never going to achieve your dream beach body without fuelling yourself with proper nutrition. You should aim to consume a wide variety of nutritious, whole foods from the three main macronutrients that make up food; carbohydrates, proteins and fats.


Track your calories

To get your beach body you need to lose body fat. To do this you need to be in a calorie deficit i.e. burning more calories than you are consuming. Tracking your calories ensures you are in a calorie deficit and not overeating.  A great way to track your calories is by using the app “MyFitnessPal”.


Keep your protein intake high 

Protein helps you to maintain your muscle which gives your body shape and structure which is crucial if you are going to achieve your best beach body possible.

Protein has a high satiety level which means how content and full you are after eating it. Protein keeps your hunger at bay reducing the chances of overeating.

Protein has a high thermic effect of food (TEF) which means the number of calories you burn through processing it. So, the more protein you eat, the more calories you will burn which ultimately results in greater fat loss.


Be aware of hyperpalatable foods and don't keep them stocked in your cupboards

Hyperpalatable foods are the foods that you can’t live without. Hyperpalatable foods are usually high in sugar and fat and bring you happiness and comfort such as chocolate and crisps.

It is important that you are aware of the hyperpalatable foods you love to eat as these may be the reason that you don’t achieve your beach body!

Tip: try not to have your hyperpalatable foods stocked in your cupboards!

Ask yourself, short term sensation or long-term happiness & fulfilment?


Do home Tabata workouts

To help excel your fat loss results it is important that you are exercising. One great form of exercise that you can do at home with no equipment is a Tabata circuit.

Tabata is a form of HIIT. You complete 20 seconds of high intensity exercise working as hard as you can followed by a 10 seconds rest period. This sequence is repeated 8 times in total lasting only 4 minutes.

Tabata helps to increase exercise post-oxygen consumption (EPOC). Tabata creates a shortage of oxygen during the intense exercise, which increases the demand for oxygen post-workout to help you recover. The recovery process burns calories which promotes fat loss.


Here is one of my favourite full body Tabata workouts that you can try: -

  1. Burpees x 20 seconds (then rest for 10 seconds)
  2. Press ups x 20 seconds (then rest for 10 seconds)
  3. Squat jumps x 20 seconds (then rest for 10 seconds)
  4. Mountain climber’s x 20 seconds (then rest for 10 seconds)

Repeat the Tabata circuit twice through before resting for 2 minutes and repeating a further 1-4 times depending on your fitness level.

So… there you have it, my top tips for achieving your beach body! If you have any questions about this article or would like to see more of my content please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Find me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @benwinnpt.

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