3 Reasons Why Vegetables Improve Your Physique

Vegetables aren't necessarily what many people talk about when thinking about building muscle or burning fat, but they should! Yes, it goes without saying that getting enough protein, carbohydrates and fats is essential to building muscle and getting your ass in shape. However, vegetables play an extremely crucial role in dictating the way your physique looks and more specifically, the results you achieve. Here is why... Nutrient Absorption Like I've always said and will continue to say, you are what you digest. If you cannot absorb and assimilate the nutrients that you're eating, then there is no way at all ...Read more

Best Pre-Workout Foods

Today I want to address your pre-workout meal and how that can potentially have a massive effect on performance, recovery and your general feeling during the workout. Focusing on your calorie and macro intake alone won't enable you to maximise your performance which is why I want to see if there are any potential changes you can make with your pre-workout meal to optimise your progress. When you're trying to achieve something amazing all of the small details matter which I shall explain below for you. Easily Digested The first KEY thing you need to consider with your pre-workout meal ...Read more

Get Your Pre-Workout Meal Right

In this article I want to address your pre workout meal and how that can potentially have a MASSIVE effect on performance, recovery and your general feeling during the workout. Focusing on your calorie and macro intake alone won't enable you to maximise your performance. For this reason I want to see if there are any potential changes you can make with your pre workout meal to accelerate your progress. The pre workout window is one area I really feel you need to get right, otherwise you're not going to get ahead. Pick Easily Digesting Food... The first key thing ...Read more

Udo’s Choice at BodyPower Expo 2016

The UK’s largest fitness and health expo is back and take place at the Birmingham NEC over the weekend of May 13-15. Representing every part of the fitness industry, BodyPower Expo has grown into the most celebrated and comprehensive fitness event in the UK, inspiring and motivating more than 90,000 health and fitness enthusiasts. Welcoming visitors and athletes from over 100 countries, the show provides three relentless days of fitness, covering the full spectrum of sports, products, services and athletes. Suitable for any fitness enthusiastic, BodyPower offers an unforgettable experience with industry experts from around the world, networking, inspiration, interactive ...Read more

Getting started: Essential Fitness

People who make drastic changes or go through rapid weight loss tend to struggle to maintain their new lifestyle. Instead adopt a healthy and fit lifestyle that works for you by making small sustainable changes that you can follow every day. If your aim is to lose weight, then it is best to do so slowly through consistency, not huge amounts quickly. Here are some expert tips from Personal Trainer Mark Maycroft: Tip #1 Move More Start by finding areas of your life you can be more active in. Get off the bus a couple of stops early. Take the ...Read more

An Interview with World Fitness Championships Winner Arran Arogundade

What drew you to the world of bodybuilding? It began when I started hitting the gym hard. After a few years I managed to build a good physique and wanted to see how I could improve on this with a strict workout and diet regime. Bodybuilding competitions gave me that focus. I also wanted to be able to show my kids, when I have them, what their father looked like and hopefully make them proud. Diet is such an important part of bodybuilding, what does yours consist of and why? My diet generally consists of high protein, which I get ...Read more

Focus on being FIT not THIN

For many people being skinny has become the ideal image of female beauty. While being thin is probably good for us in terms of overweight being unhealthy, the main issue is that the fashion ideal often promotes a too-skinny look, so thin that it becomes unattainable for most women, and if we try to attain that look, we risk developing eating disorders. Our main focus should not be on our weight, or fitting into size zero jeans. Rather, our goal should be being fit and healthy. Being fit and healthy is more than what you look like on the outside, ...Read more

An interview with Fitness Coach Jamie Lloyd

Having recently won Gold at the English Kettlebells Championships, fitness writer, speaker and coach Jamie Lloyd is well placed to teach us a thing or two about exercise and nutrition. Jamie Lloyd talks to us about incorporating fitness into our lives, the importance of a good diet and his top tips for endurance and recovery. What inspired your dedication to fitness and nutrition? I have been involved in sport ever since I started playing rugby and doing long-distance running at the age of six. My Mum was an aerobics instructor and she inspired me to keep fit. You recently won ...Read more

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