Some companies are claiming that storing different strains and species in the same bottle for extended periods of time may cause dramatic shifts in the proportions of micro-organisms present. 

This is another marketing story... 
Lactic acid bacteria strains from human and dairy origin are normal inhabitants of human’s intestinal flora. If they are compatible to live well together (as they are) when active inside the intestinal tract at 37C, needless to say that they will also live well together when kept refrigerated at 4C in an inactive state. In reality, when they are kept refrigerated, Lactic Bacteria strains are in a dormant phase, totally inactive and will only be reactivated once they are back in their natural environment inside the intestinal tract.

In any event, all strains in Udo’s Choice Microbiotics have been tested in-vitro for their compatibility (i.e.: SCT = Strains Compatibility Test). In these tests, all strains included in a specific blend, are grown simultaneously on Petri Dishes for 24-72 hours at 37C to ensure that there are no inhibitory effects (bacteriostatic or bactericid) when they are mixed together.


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