Wednesday 19th December, 2012
Find out what celebrity Make-up artist Jemma Kidd said about dehydrated skin, contouring, eyelash curlers and blushers. We held an open question and answer session with the beautiful Jemma Kidd on our Udos for Beauty Facebook page and had some terrific questions. Here’s the session in full:Read more
Friday 14th December, 2012
Currently in the UK the words “Omega 3” are often associated with fish. Everywhere you look you see slogans encouraging you to “get more Omega 3 EFAs from fish and fish oils”. This recommendation seems harmless enough, but on closer inspection leaves some questions unanswered.Read more
Friday 14th December, 2012
How he came to develop his flax oil-based blend Udo Erasmus is an international authority on fats, oils, cholesterol and human health. Udo received his B.Sc. in Honours Zoology from the University of British Columbia and followed this with graduate studies in Biochemistry and Genetics. In 1980, his life took...Read more
Friday 14th December, 2012
Here’s a fabulous story we just had to share with you from a new Udo’s Oil fan, Bernadette from Dublin: I just have to tell you about Udo’s Oil. Maybe a lot of you are already aware of it. However I discovered it a month ago. A woman who used...Read more
Friday 14th December, 2012
We caught up with the UK’s top Ultra-runner, Neil Bryant shortly after he completed the grueling Trans-Europe footrace to find out what drives him, inspires him and fuels him and what he plans to do next. The Trans-Europe Footrace consists of 64 days of running to complete the 4176km distance...Read more
Friday 14th December, 2012
We have been bombarded in the last few years with Omega 3 products. Fish oils, algae oil, krill oil, Omega 3 added to our supermarket ready meals, our children’s yoghurts and many other variations. The increase in marketing of Omega 3 products is based on scientific studies that show we...Read more
Friday 14th December, 2012
In recent years there has been much written about the need to supplement our diets with fish oils. We have been swept along on wave after wave of articles on the benefits of fish oil. However, whilst we have focussed on oil supplements we have lost sight of the importance...Read more
Wednesday 12th December, 2012
For nearly two decades, Scott Jurek has been a dominant force in the grueling and growing sport of ultra-running. Yet, perhaps even more impressive than his extensive list of race victories and course records is the fact that he achieves these astonishing accomplishments of endurance on an entirely plant-based diet...Read more
Tuesday 11th December, 2012
Neil Bryant, the UK’s top Ultrarunner recently ran the South Downs Way (as you do!) on just fat (using Udos Choice Ultimate Oil Blend) and protein. He took no carbohydrates in the run up to the event or during the 100 mile race. Neil told us “I wanted to run...Read more
Tuesday 11th December, 2012
During Udo Erasmus’ visit to the UK in April 2012 we asked our Facebook Fans to send us the questions that were upper most in their minds. There were some great questions and here are Udo’s answers: Can I take a fish oil in combination with Udo’s choice? While the...Read more
Monday 10th December, 2012
Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend was featured in The Sun newspaper as part of their '6 of the best supplements' for maintaining good health, wellbeing and recovery. In a bid to help those inspired by the fitness of our athletes in the London Olympics, Sun Fitness columnist Zac Taylor recommends...Read more
Monday 3rd December, 2012
Christmas time is upon us again and with Christmas parties, Christmas meals with the family and a few drinks bloating is a feeling many of us can relate to. Udo's Choice have two products that may help at this time of year. Udo's Choice Digestive Enzyme Blend With 7 plant...Read more

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