Wednesday 31st July, 2013
After a national search for a face that represents natural beauty, a 25 year old professional ballroom dancer from High Littleton, Bath has been selected. On Thursday 25th July, A judging panel made up of make-up artist Jemma Kidd, celebrity hair and make-up artist Michael Ashton and photographer Tiffany Mumford...Read more
Wednesday 17th July, 2013
Amy Guy is a woman who doesn’t like to sit still it seems. She is a model, international athlete, busy architect and mother. She has represented her country in a variety of sports, was a regular in the TV series, Gladiators, and mixes running her architectural business and being a...Read more
Friday 12th July, 2013
The recent news headlines suggesting that Omega 3 may cause prostate cancer came from a scientific study (Brasky 2013) that seemed to suggest that high levels of the fatty acids EPA and DHA lead to a 43% increased risk of prostate cancer and 71% increased risk of high-grade prostate cancer...Read more