Monday 22nd September, 2014
Thank you for your health questions submitted to our resident nutritionist Amanda Hamilton. We received so many great questions that we’ve decided to dedicate an article to our top five questions and answers below. Q1. I train in a boot camp 3/4 times a week. I take sun warrior protein...Read more
Monday 15th September, 2014
For many people being skinny has become the ideal image of female beauty. While being thin is probably good for us in terms of overweight being unhealthy, the main issue is that the fashion ideal often promotes a too-skinny look, so thin that it becomes unattainable for most women, and...Read more
Wednesday 10th September, 2014
So you’re back wearing the work wardrobe again and little lovelies, should you have them, are back at school. I share your pleasure and pain. There’s also often the nagging matter of the extra pounds that a summer of Greek food, ice creams on the beach and wine o’clock at...Read more