Tuesday 26th July, 2016
I'm going to share a Y3T arm workout with you today which is frigging hardcore. This workout is going to focus on bringing your arms UP! This follows the format of a Week 2 Y3T workout, let me know what you think by joining my email list at Y3TDisciple.com Y3T...Read more
Friday 8th July, 2016
I'm always asked to critique people's diets and come up with changes which I would make, sometimes some of the changes I make are more significant than others. However, one thing I often find is that there are similar mistakes being made which ultimately means that I see the same...Read more
Tuesday 5th July, 2016
The summer is all about feeling good, looking good and hopefully, enjoying a well-earned break. Most of us know how to get in shape for the beach or boardwalk, we just need to find the willpower to do it! However, sometimes no matter how much effort you put into diet...Read more

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