Amanda Hamilton recommends Udo's Choice in her G Plan Diet book

Amanda Hamilton recommends Udo's Choice in her G Plan Diet book

We have been talking about the importance of looking after your gut for a long time and it is set to be an even bigger diet and wellbeing trend during 2017.  This is something that Udo's Choice friend Amanda Hamilton is focusing on in her latest book The G Plan Diet and G Plan online coached programme, both of which are out on the 12th January. 

The G Plan is ideal for those seeking to redress the festive excess and start the year as they mean to go on. The latest research in nutrition suggests that if you want to lose weight for good, you need a healthy gut with a diversity of good bacteria. Beginning with a digestive 'rest' and including the 10 best gut healthy foods, the 21 day plan will help you say goodbye to bloating and discomfort, lose even stubborn weight and look forward to increased energy, clear skin and improved mood. Over 40 recipes are included that are quick and easy to prepare, and success stories are featured throughout. 

Amanda has created a 21 day online coached version for those people wanting access to her and her nurtition team for guidance, education webinars and lots of extras - it's a great option if you've wanted to resolve gut or weight issues with the help of a professional but you've not known where to begin. You can find out more on 

We are also very excited that Amanda has chosen to recommend the Udo’s Choice range in the book for people who want to add supplements to their plan.

Here’s why she loves our range:

Super 8 Microbiotics:
“I believe that gut health is crucial to enjoy optimal, overall health. Providing your body with a diverse range of beneficial bacteria is a great step towards achieving this. Udo's Choice Super 8 Probiotic contains 8 bacterial strains designed specifically with a higher percentage and concentration of L-Acidophilus specially formulated to help sustain this delicate gut ecology balance.”

Digestive Enzymes: 
This blend is a really easy to use combination of seven active plant-based enzymes to assist digestion and nutrient absorption. I suggest using when an extra helping hand is needed for digesting indulgent meals or as daily support to help prevent that heavy, sluggish, after meal feeling. 

Ultimate Oil Blend:
“I’ve used Udo’s Choice ever since I became a nutritionist - even my kids love it - it is a fridge staple that I’m never without. It takes care of the need for a balanced intake of essential fats in the right proportions.”

Beyond Greens:
“I love to add a nutritional punch to my smoothie by adding a scoop of beyond greens.  It is a blend of fermented grasses and green superfoods with the equivalent of 33g of raw fresh greens in each 8g serving. The taste is mild, blends perfectly and will really help nourish your gut.”


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