The Essential Challenge Winner Announced!

The Essential Challenge Winner Announced!

Congratulation to Richard Benson-King, winner of this year’s The Essential Challenge!

We were delighted to receive hundreds of entries into the challenge, and whilst everyone achieved fantastic results, Richard's determination to lead a new, healthy life struck a chord with us, reminding all of us here why we do what we do. Richards’s sheer determination to improve his physique and overall health and wellbeing set him apart from his competitors, resulting in him becoming a new man. He is proof that given the right application and encouragement, you really can achieve anything!

The challenge has also given Richard the desire to show others just how easy it is with the right mind-set, the right help and especially the right nutrition to become the person you want to be. We wish him all the best with this new challenge he’s set for himself.

Richard started the year at 20 stone. During the 12 weeks he dropped two stone and four inches off his waistline to 40", which is very important for long-term health has he has now reduced the likelihood of diabetes and other related issues. 

Richard comments:

“I made a pledge to myself, when I turned 40 that I would spend the next decade eating better and exercising more as I dreamed of getting back to the levels of health and fitness I used to know.”

“This whole experience has been fab. Some amazing changes have taken place and I feel 100% better than I did. Taking part in The Essential Challenge really has changed my life - my family and I can’t thank-you enough for that. None of my trousers fit me anymore, shirts hang off me, and I’m wearing clothes I’ve had for years but been unable to wear...including my favourite belt! Although my weight has only dropped by about two stone, my body fat percentage has dropped from about 36% to below 29%. I am now far more interested in my body fat percentage than I am in my weight."

"Our shopping habits have changed… we get local, organic fruit and veg delivered weekly, we only buy wholewheat bread and I’m trying to get everyone to eat brown rice and pasta instead of white.”

This goes to show that transforming your health and long-term life prospects can be achieved through a combination of this initial willingness to change and the ongoing simplicity of The Essential Challenge plan. 

From all of us here at Udo's Choice UK, well done Richard and keep going!


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