Monday 31st October, 2016
In this article I want to address your pre workout meal and how that can potentially have a MASSIVE effect on performance, recovery and your general feeling during the workout. Focusing on your calorie and macro intake alone won't enable you to maximise your performance. For this reason I want...Read more
Tuesday 11th October, 2016
Most of us know that the essential fatty acids are good for us. They come top of the must-have list for many health savvy people because of the impressive range of body and brain benefits. Indeed, they are not an optional extra in your diet. They are called the essential...Read more
Wednesday 28th September, 2016
SAD syndrome is a condition that induces feelings of depression, low moods, difficulty concentrating, lack of energy, increased appetite, PMS-type symptoms and an increased desire to sleep during the winter months. Symptoms usually begin in late autumn (September) and tend to disappear in late spring (April). Not everyone experiences the...Read more
Monday 5th September, 2016
Parents around the country are breathing a collective sigh of relief as their offspring head back to school. And yet, it can be stressful as a parent going back to the school gates. That realisation that all the plans of reading novels, playing maths games or enjoying nature programmes -...Read more
Wednesday 17th August, 2016
Did you feel it? Did you? Those fleeting few hours of ‘proper’ warmth in the air. At last, it feels like summer is here. In the UK, as soon as the thermometer notches 20 degrees celcius I am asked to comment about summer skin. Skin advice in summer tends to...Read more
Tuesday 26th July, 2016
I'm going to share a Y3T arm workout with you today which is frigging hardcore. This workout is going to focus on bringing your arms UP! This follows the format of a Week 2 Y3T workout, let me know what you think by joining my email list at Y3T...Read more
Friday 8th July, 2016
I'm always asked to critique people's diets and come up with changes which I would make, sometimes some of the changes I make are more significant than others. However, one thing I often find is that there are similar mistakes being made which ultimately means that I see the same...Read more