Serious About Sport? Read This…
Tuesday, 31 January, 2023

Serious About Sport? Read This…

The key role that cellular health plays in sports performance



Athletes and those who spend a lot of time playing sport or focussing on exercise and activity will already be aware that in order to perform at your best, your body needs to be well supported from its very core.

What this means in practice is that optimum sports performance is born from cellular health, with this article focussing specifically on the fundamentals of cellular health and their links to how the body adapts and performs under high intensity training and exercise.

But before we consider what this means for you as an athlete or sports enthusiast, we need to dive a little deeper into why cells have such an impact on the body during sport.


The link between cellular health and sports performance

Whenever we talk about cellular health and performance, EFAs are often cited as one of the most important components. EFA stands for essential fatty acids and covers the Omega 3 and Omega 6 nutrients that the body needs in order to function and maximise cell function.

Crucially, EFAs are not synthesised or produced in or by the body itself: they must be ingested. And its because of this that nutrition is so closely interlinked with both cellular health and body function and performance – as without ingesting those EFAs and other vitamins and nutrients required to optimise internal health, youre essentially working without a solid, healthy foundation.


The role of EFAs in athletic and sporting endeavours

There are a number of roles that EFAs and so-called healthy fats play in relation to both enhancing the bodys performance and protecting it. These include increasing endurance, supporting faster and more complete recovery, and improving both strength and flexibility during and after exercise and activity.


If cellular health is directly linked to the consistent ingestion of EFAs, then it follows that EFAs contribute towards endurance in increasing the bodys access to sustainable energy for prolonged performance and enhanced blood flow.


During sport, EFAs are also what help to keep the cells malleable to minimise the risk of injury and contribute towards muscles growth as well as recovery.


Finally, EFAs Omega 3 and 6 are both known to be anti-inflammatories, which has a direct impact on injury and recovery. The presence of these EFAs within the cells help to fight inflammation and counteract soreness for faster and more effective recovery after sport.


How to boost your body’s store of EFAs

Its safe to say that EFAs form a crucial part of any athletes training plan – although more often than not, they are overlooked by amateur sportspeople in favour of time spent training and in the gym.

Here at Udos Choice, we know that the best and most prolonged athletic performance is built from the inside out, and that without the right attention to and focus on your cellular health, your body will not have the foundations to support optimised and prolonged performance without injury.

Thats why weve created a range of Udos Choice Ultimate Oil blend products, which seek to enhance your bodys exposure to the balance of nutrients and EFAs it needs.

Browse our product pages to learn more about the Ultimate Oil Blend and other items from the Udo’s Choice range and be sure to check out our blog for more health and wellness insights.

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