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Yes - it should be a priority whilst pregnant! A developing foetus has heightened nutritional needs, especially for essential fatty acids. If a mother to be does not include sufficient EFAs in her meals, the foetus' needs will cause her to drain herself of omega 3. This often causes worsened post-natal mood swings from a "drained brain". By ensuring a good supply, not only does the mother nourish her child, she also safeguards her ongoing sanity.

Another fabulous reason to keep good fats high when pregnant is the benefits of skin suppleness - well fed skin is less likely to stretch and scar in the same way dry, brittle skin is and when the baby is born, should return to its former glory more promptly.

No - fat holds a lot of calories in comparison to carbohydrates and protein, but this doesn't mean eating fat will make you fat. In fact, the fats in Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend have been shown to support a weight loss programme.

Udo's should be kept refrigerated at all times. Once opened keep it in the fridge, preferably still in the box. Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend will remain fresh for up to 8 weeks if stored in this way. You can also freeze Udo's for up to two years with no loss of flavour or benefit (don't worry, oils contract when they freeze, so the bottle won't break even if full!)

The cloudy layer is the "minor ingredients" of the oil, and includes things like lignans, phytosterols, carotene, etc. These are incredibly powerful elements that enhance the blend. Just shake the bottle before using.

Udo's is suitable for nearly all ages, from an infant through to the elderly. As soon as an infant is eating solid foods it is suitable to start using Udo's. As the amount of EFAs your body needs depends on your size, children only need enjoy a comparatively small amount daily.

Udo recommends that the optimum quantity of oil for children be calculated according to their weight, as follows:
1 x 15ml tablespoon of oil per 25kg/50lb of body weight per day. As with all new foods, start with a lot less than the optimum amount and mix the oil well with food, then gradually increase to the optimum amount as the children's digestion adapts to dealing with oil.

Fats and oils are processed by the liver. If you take in too much fat at one time, it can create a feeling of nausea. Don't worry, you aren't coming to any harm; simply reduce the amount of oil you are having at any one time. Ideally, use smaller amounts of oil through the day to help to enjoy the full benefits.

Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend is available in two sizes, 250ml and 500ml. The 500ml bottle generally lasts from ten days to one month, depending on the amount taken. A normal daily amount is around one to three tablespoons, taken at one time or spread through the day according to preference. It may be added to food and drink so is convenient to use during meal times, and our Recipe Page will give you some ideas.

You can also obtain Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend in capsule form. Available in jars of 90 capsules this allows you to maintain the benefits of a regular Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend regime while away from home. Normal amount to take is 2 or 3 capsules three times per day with meals.

If you've read our Foundation vs Supplements page you'll already know that capsules are only there as a supplement to a good foundation of oil. This is why for most people we recommend using Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend as a food oil, rather than as a capsule supplement.

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