Udo’s Choice appoint Amanda Byram as new ambassador

Udo’s Choice appoint Amanda Byram as new ambassador

Udo’s Choice has appointed TV presenter and fitness writer Amanda Byram as their new Fitness Ambassador.  As a TV presenter, fitness fanatic and adventure enthusiast Amanda knows all about the need to keep her body in the best shape possible and understands the need to feed the body with the nutrition it needs to look, feel and perform at its best.

Her gruelling schedule means that she has to remain on top of her game and as part of her extensive fitness regime she has for many years included Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend in her diet. 

“My Mum has sworn by the health and beauty benefits of Ultimate Oil Blend for many years” says Amanda, “and passed down her love of it to my sister and I. I’m a big believer in needing enough ‘good’ fats in your diet to help you stay in shape, keep you healthy and keep your skin glowing.

The biggest myth about fat is that it makes you fat. If you eat the right type of fat in fact, quite the opposite is true! As I was approaching 40 , I needed to focus even more on my health and skin and Ultimate Oil Blend has always been, for me the perfect way to get those essential fatty acids - 3/6/9 - that our cells need to operate at full capacity. I drizzle mine on salads, veggies and mix in shakes and soups. Quite literally pouring health all over my food!“

David Gunning, Marketing Manager for Udo’s Choice UK says 

“We are delighted that Amanda has joined us as our Fitness Ambassador.  With a long pedigree in sport, Udo’s Choice has supported the demanding schedules of not just athletes but regular people with busy lives who just aim to keep fit.  Amanda represents both those with demanding schedules wanting to stay fit and those that strive to obtain the best performance they can.  She speaks with a conviction about nutrition and fitness that inspires many followers and we look forward to working with her.”

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