Your make-up questions answered by Jemma Kidd

Your make-up questions answered by Jemma Kidd

Find out what celebrity Make-up artist Jemma Kidd said about dehydrated skin, contouring, eyelash curlers and blushers.

We held an open question and answer session with the beautiful Jemma Kidd on our Udos for Beauty Facebook page and had some terrific questions.  Here’s the session in full:

Thank you for joining us Jemma.  Could you give us a little bit of background to your career.

Jemma – I first started out as a model, but quickly realised that my passion was being on the creative side instead of in front of the camera. I trained with Mary Greenwell and went into make-up. I set up my Make-up Adademy in Notting Hill and then from there developed my own make-up line, it has been amazing!

Udo’s for Beauty – Thank you Jemma. We had a few questions previously posted so we will start by asking those but please, if anyone wants to ask a question feel free to write a comment and Jemma will get to it – here’s our first question from Helen – My skin always looks grey in the winter months – is there anything you can recommend to give it a little beauty boost now to avoid this happening this year?

Jemma – Exfoliate your skin thoroughly and keep it really moisturised. I have a couple of products that will really brighten up dull looking skin. One is my Dewy Glow which is a gorgeous creme highlighter. The other is my skin rescue veil. Any product that moisturizes and illuminates will instantly brighten your skin

Udo’s for Beauty – Great thanks Jemma. Our next question is from Charlotte: Who is your ultimate beauty icon?

Jemma – Grace Kelly and Brigette Bardot!!

Freya Pell – Hi Jemma, just want to say I absolutely love working for you as an Associate Tutor for masterclass@HOME! What is your favourite masterclass? X

Udo’s for Beauty – Great choices! Lola’s just posted a question as follows: I have combination skin which is also dehydrated and whenever I apply foundation or powder I just get dry flaky patches. What advice do you have? Thank you.

Jemma - As I am obsessed with a nice natural beautiful look I like the perfecting the skin masterclass

Jemma – Hi Lola, if you have dry patches try a hydrating mask. Make sure you exfoliate any dry patches very gently. Then try a hydrating primer, let it sink in whilst you do your eye make-up and then foundation on top. My top tip to get better skin would be to take Udos Choice Oil every day, my skin has never been this good it is amazing!!

Charlene Black – I’ve been hearing a lot recently about the effects of good contouring. I generally apply the same shade of foundation all over my face but understand that this just leaves a blank canvas – what tips would you give to those trying out contouring for the first time?

Freya Pell – Fab! Happy Birthday! X

Jemma – Hi Charlene, I lop MAC tenderling, I love this for contouring. Make sure you lightly set your foundation first and then use the tenderling to gently build the colour. I have a great section in my new book about contouring – The book’s called “Make-up Secrets”

Jemma – Thank you Freya

Udo’s for Beauty – Here’s another question, this time from Louise: I’ve heard eyelash curlers are bad for lashes – is this true, if so are there any other more gentle ways to curl them and make them appear longer without damaging them?

Jemma - Eyelash curlers are not bad for your lashes, you just need to get good ones. I love Shu Uemera they are the best ones I have come across. Again Udos Choice Oil is great for improving hair strength and length, this also applies to your lashes

Udo’s for Beauty – Tracey has asked: I’d love to wear red lipstick but all the ones I’ve tried make my teeth look yellow – should I avoid red altogether or have I just not found the right shade?

Jemma – Red is a tricky shade to get right, think of red’s as warm or cool. If you have more cool toned skin – pale/blue you should stick to more cool toned red’s which have more of a blue base. If you have warm skin then go more for the orange toned reds – hope this makes sense!!

Charlene Black – I’ve tried numerous concealers to cover up my blemishes and problem skin, but none of them seem to work – they tend to slide out of place. Can you recommend a good concealer for combination skin?

Clare Smith – Could you help me find the right blush or bronzer? I have a slight green undertone to my skin.

Jemma – Hi Charlene, if you prime your skin first with a good base and then use your foundation and concealer only where needed. Set it with a fine powder, this will hold it in place and hopefully stop it sliding!

Jemma - Hi Clare, if you have a slight green undertone to your skin you need to first try to knock out as much of that as you can with a good base. Then try a warm apricot blusher on your cheeks, you can also some matt bronzer under your cheek bones to sculpt the face

Udo’s for Beauty – We’re afraid that’s all we’ve got time for from today’s Q&A session with Jemma Kidd. Thank you for all your questions and thank you Jemma for your time today. Finally, everyone here at Udo’s Choice would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday!

Jemma - Ah thank you so much, it has been an absolute pleasure! Jemma X

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