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Steve Osbourne

Steve Osbourne at the finish

After entering this race I knew it was going to be a challenge. But didn't quite expect what I found.... The race was set in fantastic town just inside the state of Utah called St George.(about a 90 min drive north from Las Vegas)

The swim was set in a beautiful sandstone resevoir surrounded by snow capped mount

ains, which meant the swim was super cold! In days leading up to the race I was trying to get my head used to the 56 degree water but it was taking me 10 minutes to get rid of the headaches. So come race day everyone was seriously scared of getting in the water but the starting cannon was fired and off and we went regardless of the cold. The swim went okay for me, it was my slowest ironman swim time ever (exiting the water in 60 mins) but considering everything I was happy to be on dry land again! Smoothly through T1 and out on to the bike I went with the plan of easing into the bike leg due to this being the hilliest bike leg in the world.

However this plan went out the window early on, I found myself in a world of pain from about 30 miles onwards, this pain was coming from my back which didn't let me apply full power on the seated hills.  I also think that racing at 5000 feet altitude played it's part in headaches and tiredness, but neverless this was one race that I was not going to let beat me.

So I made it back to T2 with the hope that my back would ease up early on in the run, (knowing the first 4 miles are up hill I didn't hold to much hope..).In the first couple of miles I started gaining some positions and by half way I was gaining some good ground but didn't get too excited knowing I had another lap to go! With a run course this hilly I knew it would suit me so kept plugging away to finish the marathon in 3hrs 8 mins.

This gave me an overall time of 10hrs 5 mins.

Good enough for a top 20 finish. Looking back on the race I think I made the best of a bad/hard day. And now i'm relying on Udo's Choice oil to help my recovery in getting me ready for ironman France in 7 weeks time. So far so good!!

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