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Neale Cranwell

Neale on stage and on for the win!

Congratulations to Udo’s Sponsored Neale Cranwell who has just won the NAC Mr World Competition in Spain.

We spoke to Neale, who owns and runs Krunch Gym in Waltham Abbey, about the achievement and he told us that he is ecstatic about winning against the best in the world!

NC: “I was up against nearly 30 competitors from countries all over the world, from Spain to Ukraine, Germany to Russia and each class had the top 2 competitors from their respective countries. I have competed against these guys for many years and in the last World Championships I attended in 2008 I placed 5th so to surpass the competition and win the World Championship this year was amazing!”

UC: How did you rate this achievement?

NC: “I would put winning this years World Championship on a par, if not a bigger achievement, than last years win of The Mr Universe, due to having competed against the top 5-6 competitors for many years and this year finally beating them. That’s a BIG personal achievement.”

UC: What was the competition like?

NC: “The competition was the hardest I have physically ever competed in, due to it taking place in a huge marquee in the peak heat of the Spanish weather. 35 plus degrees outside the venue and the marquee under the big stage lights was a melting pot.

In fact I nearly passed out due to dehydration but the ambulance crew were on hand to see me through the black spots.”

UC: How did Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend help you?

NC: "I put a huge amount of my success down to the use of Udo’s supplements. The vast carb up process includes large amounts of carbs daily - over 1200g daily eaten every 90 minutes! The use of Udo’s digestive enzymes at each meal greatly reduced the bloat effect carb loading can have. On top of this since last year I have used 1 tspn of Udo’s Oil per carb meal as the inclusion of the healthy fats helps vascularity and helps store the carbs within the muscle. Carbs eaten without the essential Fatty Acids don’t tend to get used effectively and pass through the system whilst carbing up. In addition, the use of Udo’s Oil lowered the GI of the carb foods, again helping to store the carb as glycogen and fill the muscle up."

Neale owns and runs Krunch Gym in Waltham Abbey.

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