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Udo's fan Steve Osbourne has just completed the tough Mexico Ironman in 19th position to finish off this year's season. Here is his race report.

Arriving on the island of Cozumel a week before the race it soon came clear why this was not a fast course in comparison to it's flat straight roads. It was so hot, humid and windy and a course that could test anyones mental sanity.

The build into the race went very smoothly, feeling lethargic but ready. The final few training sessions were complete and the carbo loading was done!

6.40 race morning the gun goes off and the beautiful tropical swim is under way, I don't think any swim in the world can compete with this (waters seething with tropical fish and a dolphin show to start the race!) I exit the water in a little over 52 minutes and move smoothly through transition 1. Out on to the 3 lap bike I start to take on plenty of electrolytes as it's already mid 20's at 7.30 am! With the first lap complete the wind was starting to blow down the first half of the course, turning into a hefty headwind. But I kept the power on and kept churning the gears. The eastern side of the island is much more rugged and the open coastline gave me something to look at to take my mind off the constant headwind. Another lap and I was starting to think about the marathon to come. Knowing I had a big run in me somewhere I started hard and wanted to see what unfolded as the miles went by. I went through halfway above my target so I knew I just had to hang on.

Things then started to get ugly but I was moving okay, sticking to my nutrition game plan, keeping cool and the miles were getting ticked off. The support in downtown Cozumel was phenomenal and I made my way up the finish shute to record a 9 hour 6 mins finish time with a 2.57 marathon. 19th place in a stacked pro field.

It's now time to rest and recover after a very long and hard season. The support from Udo's Choice oil has been awesome all year and look forward to continued support next year.

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