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Jemma Kidd

Jemma Kidd, model, make up artist and "You" Magazine columnist has always been at the forefront of beauty in the UK.  Even before becoming a model in the 1990's she was passionate about beauty and now has her own company selling a range of cosmetics and runs her own make up school in London.  She is also passionate about eating the right foods to enhance natural beauty.  This is why she is a big fan of Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend.  Jemma Explains:

'As a make-up artist, I've always been on the quest for perfect skin.  My philosophy is that beauty starts from within; make-up is a great tool, but it's what you put into your body that counts.  Having healthy skin, hair and nails is important to me and Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend is the best product I've found for maintaining them.

Since including Udo's Oil in my diet my nails are stronger, I no longer have dry skin and I rarely get blemishes - my concealer has virtually been made redundant!  Now I can use make-up to enhance my features, not mask them!'

We are really pleased that Jemma has agreed to help us and look forward to working with her to continue to promote the beauty benefits of Udo's Oil.

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