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The Winners have been announced for this year’s Udo's Choice Triathlon Race Series, a series of five triathlons which take place across Yorkshire and Humberside. Points were awarded to the first 49 finishers in each event. 50 points for 1st place, 48 points for 2nd, 47 points for 3rd, and so on, down to 1 point for 49th place. Alongside this, competitors also scored 5 bonus points for each of the events entered.

Steve Clark from Lincsquad Tri Club took 1st place in the overall Men's series. Steve showed incredible consistency throughout with three 1st place finishes at Driffield, Allerthorpe and Beverley. His top form left him top of the league table by 12 points ahead of Steve Coates. Will Kaye came in 3rd place narrowly behind Steve Coates with just one point between them. It was a close call overall in the Men’s series with only 15 points between the top four.

Clark says: "I am very pleased to have won the Udo's Choice Race Series, especially in the way I did - winning 3 out of 3 events that I raced and I’ll definitely be back to try and defend the series next year. I've also found that the free Udo's Oil I received from each race has helped me to recover faster between sessions so I'm able to train better than before I used it".

Joy Wilton from Wakefield Tri Club took the Women's title with a staggering 240 points – beating her nearest rival by 95 points. Joy managed to work her way up the league table this season when she took her initial race finish at Skipton on 17th April from 10th place to 3rd at Beverlery on 7th August. Second place female was Jane Curwen who finished with 145 points, 3 points ahead of Louise Venables of York Tri Club in 3rd.

Leeds Bradford Tri Club won the club competition beating 15 other teams to the top of the league table. York Tri Club and Lincsquad Tri Club took 2nd and 3rd places.

Thanks from the team at Udo’s Choice HQ and Freebird events to all those who took part in this year’s Udo's Choice Triathlon Race Series. We hope you enjoy the rest of the year, keep taking the Udo’s Oil and we will see you again in April 2012 for the next race series.

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