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Udo’s sponsored Helen Jenkins has earned herself a place at the London 2012 Olympics after been crowned World Champion for the second time round! The two time World Champion is one of only four women to win two world championship titles. Helen has included Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend in her diet to aid her recovery after hard training sessions. We took some time out with the Olympic Gold hopeful to find out more about her incredible performance this year and her training and nutrition plans for the months leading up to next year’s London Olympics.

How does it feel to be World Champion 2011? It didn’t sink in for a while! It feels like such an achievement, I am really proud to be a two time World Champion, I raced consistently well this year and it paid off!

hat key factors do you put your superb consistency this year down to? I had a great winters training where I was able to run injury free and really get a good base for the upcoming season. It helps that I have such a great support team who help me prepare well for all of my races.

You are one of very few people to be crowned World Champion twice – how does this compare emotionally to your 2008 success? In 2008 it was such a shock as I hadn’t raced the previous year and wasn’t expecting it at all but this year was different. As the World Championships is now decided over a series I knew going into the Grand Final in Beijing I had a very good chance of winning. It was a lot more pressure so I was happy to cope well with that.

With the Olympics approaching do you think it will help being World Champion or do you think it adds a little more pressure from expectation? It does add more pressure and expectation but it doesn’t change what I’m trying to do, which is perform the best I can on a given day, so I will focus my attention on that rather than other people’s expectations. It does help that the whole British team is doing so well though as the expectations and pressure will be spread.

Many triathletes say they learn more about their bodies and their performances each year, have you learned anything new this year? I think every race you compete in you gain experience; whether it’s a good or bad race, there is always something to be learnt. And I am always learning how my body responds to different training and races, good and bad too!

Do you believe your nutrition has been a factor as a foundation to your training, recovery and remaining free from niggly injuries? I use nutrition as my main form of recovery. Every day I take Udo’s Oil which provides me with all the Essential Fats I need to recover and keep my body functioning! I have a recovery drink after hard sessions, and a refuelling milkshake. And I often have nuts such as almonds after hard sessions. I believe doing all these little things right adds up and allows me to maintain a good training program, with intense sessions.

Looking forward to the Olympics, as the Triathlon event will be a one off race to the line rather than a series will your training change at all? I will try to do what I have done this year - Aim to peak in August. It’s about not going crazy and trying to do everything different, more of the same! Helen Jenkins is just one of many athletes benefiting from ensuring her diet includes all the Essential Fatty Acid’s her body needs so that she can concentrate on performing at her best.  The Essential Fats, Omega 3 and 6 found in Udo’s Oil are used by every cell in the body to help them to function optimally.  With her nutrition acting as a foundation her hard work and dedication in training has certainly paid off this year and we wish Helen all the best with her aim for Olympic Gold next year.

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