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In August's issue of Stylist magazine, Anita Bhagwandas investigates whether drinking freshly pressed juice can help clear up a host of beauty bugbears. They recruited four volunteers, each with their own genuine beauty ailment, to test whether daily juicing and blending could be the saviour of our beauty woes.

One of the recruits was Amy Adams, sub editor at Stylist, and in her diary log she noted that she was including Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend into her daily juices. Amy’s skin complaint was as follows:

“Acne seems too strong a label, but I suffer from bouts of spots that stay for ages and slapping on creams hasn’t helped.”

For the purpose of the trial, Amy followed three days of juicing, plus one juice every morning for four weeks supplemented with spoonfuls of Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend, lecithin and clear skin boost powder. She also included zinc and selenium tablets into her diet and cut back to two cups of tea a day. Key ingredients included her juices where blueberries which are high in vitamin A to help regulate sebum levels.

Come week two of the trial, Amy stated that although the novelty of juicing and blending had worn off, she was seeing improvements in the look of her skin. Amy commented:

“On the plus side I’ve had a few comments about how good my skin is looking and haven’t had any spots for a week. I feel more alert and positive too.”

By week three Amy was seeing further improvements in that her skin was blemish free. The conclusion was that Amy’s urgent skin problem was actually dehydration, not spots, so juices can only help so much but we wonder if she would have seen a vast improvement in the hydration of her skin if she had stayed with the Udo’s Oil for a longer period than four weeks….

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Submitted by Sheila Foster (not verified) on
I read in the Sunday Times that western diets have too much omega-6, which helps cholesterol stick to the arteries. as udos contains 6 could this be overdosing

Submitted by Udo's Choice (not verified) on
The Omega 6 found in the western diet is typically from damaged sources such as cooking oils and processed foods. It is the damage that is done to these fats that then makes them harmful to health. If you removed as many processed foods and cooking oils as possible from your diet, your total Omega 6 intake will drop dramatically. The undamaged Omega 6 in Udo's Oil therefore provides you with good amounts of undamaged fatty acids that are good for your health. As the Omega 3 content is twice that of the Omega 6 content, adding Udo's Oil to your diet will always improve your Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio, and keep things in balance.

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