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Jemma Kidd

We’re very excited to announce that the gorgeous Jemma Kidd is going to be with us, on Facebook, on the 20th September for a live Q&A session at 1pm. In this live question and answer session, Jemma will be available to answer any of your questions. You can ask questions about Jemma’s beauty advice, lifestyle, career working with leading fashion designers, photographers and famous faces, and her range of beauty products. Make-up artist and business woman Jemma Kidd, has always been at the forefront of beauty in the UK from leading a successful career as a fashion model right up to her new calling as a make-up artist. Even before becoming a model in the 1990’s she was passionate about beauty and she now channels this passion into her range of own brand cosmetics and running her own make up academy in London. She is a highly successful make-up artist having worked with many of the world’s top models such as Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Jemima Khan and her sister Jodie Kidd, as well as being a columnist for “Spa Secrets” magazine. Being such an expert in beauty, it’s not surprising that Jemma is also passionate about eating the right foods in order to enhance natural beauty as so many foods can play havoc with how we look as well as how we feel. This is why Jemma is a big fan of Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend and has agreed to answer all our fans questions in a live Q&A session. Session Format: As this will be a live question and answer session, you will be invited to post your questions prior to the event, but also during the event. Questions posted prior to the event will be asked by Udo’s Choice on the day. On the Day - 20th September 2012: On the day, we will post a status update asking people to add a ‘comment’ with their question(s). Jemma can then answer these questions by adding a ‘comment’ below the status. To give clarity to questions and answers, Jemma will respond to by including the name of the person whose question she is answering. Submit your Questions in Advance: If you would like to submit a question prior to the event, please head over to our Facebook page where you can now post any questions that you’d like answering by Jemma in advance. We look forward to receiving your questions!

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