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Udo's Choice Beyond Greens Strawberry & Blueberry Smoothie 

Looking for a new way of including Udo's Choice Beyond Greens into your daily diet? Try this delicious Beyond Greens Strawberry & Blueberry Smoothie recipe, which is also a great way of getting a daily boost of Udo’s Oil! Ingredients: -1 dstp of Udo's Choice Beyond Greens - 200g of fresh berries (strawberries & blueberries work well) - 200ml fresh soya or cow's milk - 2 tbsp of Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend (optional) Simply blend all the ingredients together and enjoy! Click here to find out more about Udo's Choice Beyond Greens. Click here to find out more about Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend for Health, Beauty and Sporting Performance. Both of these products are available to purchase in our online store

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