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Millie at the "Beauty Mart" team recently carried out a three day juice cleanse for an overall health pick-me-up and to help boost her complexion. She believes that using in season foods along with supplementation is the way forward and a much better alternative to popping pills. She makes herself a super greens smoothie every morning along with incorporating Udo's Oil into her diet. Millie says: "To boost my complexion even further, I add Udo’s Oil, an Omega 3-6-9-rich blend, into smoothies and salads. Fatty acids strengthen the skin’s barrier function which keeps moisture in and irritants out." Why not take 'The 6 Week Challenge' to see what Udo's Oil can do for your skin, hair and nails. This involves taking Udo's Oil every day for 6 weeks. The EFAs in Udo's Oil will get to work on your internal organs first; then around the 6 week mark, you should start seeing a difference in the look and feel of your skin, hair and nails, not to mention a whole host of other benefits! Take our 6 weeks challenge, let us know how you look and feel after 6 weeks and receive your £3 off voucher.  For more information on Udo’s Oil for beauty click here