The Udo's Choice Range

Welcome to the Udo's Choice family.  The Udo's Choice range was developed by Udo Erasmus, an industry expert in healthy fats and nutrition.  The range tackles four of the most neglected areas of nutrition in the typical diets of western populations - Essential 'healthy' fats; greens; probiotics; and digestive enzymes.



Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend

Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend is a certified organic blend of unrefined nutritional seed oils.  Its unique formulation provides an excellent source of the essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6.  

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Udo's Choice Beyond Greens

Udo’s Choice Beyond Greens is a blend of certified organic greens, which includes fermented grasses, green vegetables, superfood algae and seaweeds; including spirulina and chlorella. 

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Udo's Choice Digestive Enzymes


Udo's Choice Digestive Enzymes      Udo's Choice Digestive Enzymes Gold

Udo’s Choice Digestive Enzyme Blend is a blend of seven active plant-based enzymes chosen to assist the efficient breakdown of our foods to optimise the amount of nutrients we absorb

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Udo's Choice Microbiotic Range


Udo's Choice Super 8 Gold Udo's Choice Super 8 microbiotics Udo's Choice Super 5 microbiotics Udo's Choice Infant blend microbiotics Udo's Choice Junior Blend microbiotics Udo's Choice Adults Blend microbiotics Udo's Choice Adult's 50+ microbiotics
Super 8 Gold Super 8 Hi-Count Super 5 Infants Junior Adults Adults 50+

The Udo's Choice range of Microbiotics provide bacteria for the gut for every member of the family, from new born infants to Grandparents

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