Amanda Hamilton: Low Carb, Breakfast Booster Eggs!


❖    4 whole eggs
❖    4 handfuls of kale
❖    A bunch of asparagus (prebiotic)
❖    ½ red onion, diced (prebiotic)
❖    5 sundried tomatoes, sliced
❖    2 garlic cloves, sliced (prebiotic)
❖    ½ tsp smoked paprika 
❖    1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 
❖    Salt and pepper to taste
❖    Dash of cayenne for a kick
❖    Drizzle of Udo’s Choice Ultimate Blend

Serves 2


  1. Heat the oil up in a medium sized hot pan. 
  2. Add in the onion and garlic, let it cook for a 1-2 minutes. 
  3. Add in the asparagus and sundried tomatoes and cook for a futher 2 minutes. 
  4. Add the rest of the ingredients minus the eggs. Turn down the heat, crack the eggs over the vegetables and cover up. 
  5. Drizzle with Udo’s Oil 
  6. When the eggs are thoroughly cooked your breakfast is ready to eat!
  7. Serve with a smoothie (and tip in Udo's Choice Super 8 Hi Count Microbiotics capsule) 




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