Warm harissa salmon salad with a chilli lemon dressing

Recipe by Clean Eating Alice


  • 100g new potatoes, halved 
  • 100g asparagus 
  • 100g tenderstem broccoli
  • 100g baby spinach 
  • A handful of fresh chopped dill 
  • 2 salmon fillets
  • 1 tbsp harissa paste


  • 1tbsp lemon juice 
  • 1tbsp Udos Choice Ultimate Oil Blend 
  • 1tbsp olive oil 
  • 1tbsp wholegrain mustard 
  • 1 red chilli, finely chopped
  • Salt and pepper 


Begin by pre heating your grill. Lay your salmon onto a foiled tray, cover with harissa and little salt and pepper. Cook under the hot grill to cook for around 8-10 minutes, or until cooked through, then remove and leave to stand.
Meanwhile add your potatoes to boiling salted water for around 10 minutes until softened. Add your chopped asparagus and tenderstem broccoli for the final 2 minutes before draining and allowing to cool. 
Mix your dressing ingredients together, season well with salt and pepper, and set aside.
In a bowl, toss together your potatoes, asparagus, tenderstem broccoli, dill and spinach and add two thirds of the dressing before mixing until fully covered. 
Finally, break your salmon into smaller chunks and scatter over the top before finishing with the remaining dressing. 

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