Udo's Choice products have been used by sports men and women for over a decade.  As they push their body to the limit their nutrition can often make the difference between winning and not and regardless of your sporting prowess nutrition can help us all reach our personal best.  

With it's range of Omega Oil products, greens, microbiotics and digestive enzymes Udo's Choice can help ensure that you have the best possible foundation for optimum health and fitness.

Good nutrition plays a key role in any sporting field and this entails feeding the body with fibrous carbohydrates, a good range of protein sources and essential fatty acids, the latter often being the most lacking. ... Read more

Omega 3 is well known for it's anti-inflammatory properties and so a good source of Omega 3 can help with keeping your joints in top form when you are pushing them hard. ... Read more

Adding Udo’s Choice® Ultimate Oil Blend to the diet helps lubricate the soft tissue around the bones. One of the most beneficial symptoms we hear from regular users of Udo’s Choice® Ultimate Oil Blend is a reduction of joint pain ... Read more