Amanda Hamilton: How to improve your Gut Health

Let’s face it, the gut is a hard sell. You can’t see it and you’ve probably never given it much thought. And yet, it is probably the most exciting subject in health right now. We’re seeing so many breakthroughs in our understanding of how the gut works, why it’s important and what it means for the future of medicine. The trillions of microbes in your gut are not only essential to how you digest food, they also provide vital enzymes and vitamins and control the calories you absorb, linking the health of the gut directly to weight issues. Whether you ...Read more

Why You Should Stick to a Healthier Lifestyle after January

As we have fully immersed ourselves into the cold, wintery depths of January, it is more than likely that most of us have now began our annual habitual health kick. After December’s over indulgence, we decide that enough mince pies is enough and we take ourselves back to the previous thought processes of bikini bodies, summer sun and toned physiques. New Year always grants us with new resolutions which primarily focus on shifting that winter weight. But, a healthy lifestyle offers so much more than weight loss. By feeling rejuvenated, you will feel more inclined to persevere with the gym ...Read more

Amanda Hamilton recommends Udo's Choice in her G Plan Diet book

We have been talking about the importance of looking after your gut for a long time and it is set to be an even bigger diet and wellbeing trend during 2017. This is something that Udo's Choice friend Amanda Hamilton is focusing on in her latest book The G Plan Diet and G Plan online coached programme, both of which are out on the 12th January. The G Plan is ideal for those seeking to redress the festive excess and start the year as they mean to go on. The latest research in nutrition suggests that if you want to ...Read more

3 Reasons Why Vegetables Improve Your Physique

Vegetables aren't necessarily what many people talk about when thinking about building muscle or burning fat, but they should! Yes, it goes without saying that getting enough protein, carbohydrates and fats is essential to building muscle and getting your ass in shape. However, vegetables play an extremely crucial role in dictating the way your physique looks and more specifically, the results you achieve. Here is why... Nutrient Absorption Like I've always said and will continue to say, you are what you digest. If you cannot absorb and assimilate the nutrients that you're eating, then there is no way at all ...Read more

Do you need to eat more carbs?

Sometimes one of the key reasons you will fail to build muscle and drop body fat is because you're under eating carbohydrates believe it or not. When somebody goes into a fat loss phase it's very common to see them reduce their carbohydrate content very low, very quickly which can ultimately lead to some negative reactions taking place within the body. However this does need to be taken in the correct context, so I will give you a full overview as to what I mean and the reasons behind it. Carbohydrates help govern the metabolism and they are also protein ...Read more

Neil Hill - Top 7 Reasons 95% Of Diets Fail

Most people who begin a diet fail for a number of different reasons. This is obviously something which I want to help you avoid. Here are 7 of the main reasons why 95% of the diets people start fail. 1. One dimensional When any of my new clients sign up with me the first thing I ask them to do is fill in a questionnaire. It's a long list of questions which helps me build a picture of their previous history and learn enough about them. Whenever they answer the "current diet" and "past diets" the answer is almost always ...Read more

Get Your Pre-Workout Meal Right

In this article I want to address your pre workout meal and how that can potentially have a MASSIVE effect on performance, recovery and your general feeling during the workout. Focusing on your calorie and macro intake alone won't enable you to maximise your performance. For this reason I want to see if there are any potential changes you can make with your pre workout meal to accelerate your progress. The pre workout window is one area I really feel you need to get right, otherwise you're not going to get ahead. Pick Easily Digesting Food... The first key thing ...Read more

Neil Hill: 3 Things You Can Do To Eat Better

I'm always asked to critique people's diets and come up with changes which I would make, sometimes some of the changes I make are more significant than others. However, one thing I often find is that there are similar mistakes being made which ultimately means that I see the same changes needing to be made on a continues basis. I've highlighted below the 3 most common changes which I feel are needed within your diet, based on the diets I see on a day to day basis. Fibre Balance The emphasis is always on macros and calories which often means ...Read more

How to stay fit while travelling

As I write this article for you I’m currently in Australia and before that I’d just got back to the UK for a few days from the USA. This time of year my travel commitments really take off and it can become intense. Obviously my sleep pattern can become interrupted greatly and it can sometimes become harder to keep on top of my dietary requirements and training. Yet I don’t let this get in the way of progression, I just make the right adaptations and make sure I plan ahead. I’ve put down 3 things I do when I travel ...Read more

Udo’s Choice & Explore Raw host Raw Juice Camp in Portugal!

Udo’s Choice is celebrating 20 years by teaming up with Explore Raw’s Stephanie Jeffs to host fitness weeks with a difference! Realizing the benefits of looking after your nutrition while getting fitter – Raw Juice Camp grabs every opportunity to nourish the body while training. Near the beaches of Portugal’s Algarve, Raw Juice Camps is a boutique fitness bootcamp that focuses on your holistic wellness & nutrition as well as your weight loss. Rated by The Sunday Times Travel Magazine top wellness holiday and recommended by The Guardian, Porter Magazine, Vogue and more. Every day daily Udo’s products are served ...Read more


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