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Steve Osbourne racing at Ironman Utah

Udo's fan Steve Osbourne is one of those people who knows what "being committed" means.  Even with a full time job he still manages to train 32 hours per week as he trains for the Ironman Mexico event later this month.

For those of you not familiar with Ironman events they are an extended version of Triathlon where the competitors:

Swim 2.4 miles

Cycle 112 miles

Run 26.2 miles (marathon length)

Steve Osbource is due to race in one of the key events of the year in Cozumel, Mexico on the 28 November and we asked Steve to give us an update on how his trainng is going.


As I sit here to right this, I have just done my last long run in my build up to Ironman Mexico. It's been a mixed year really and after my last Ironman I decided to coach myself. I have stayed away from racing recently to concentrate fully on my preparation for Mexico.

After deciding to coach myself I thought it was best to approach my next race with a "miles, miles and more miles" attitude. I have got to say with just 3 weeks left I feel really good and totally prepared to put it on the line in Mexico.

I have been using Udo's oil for around 6 months and have noticed a complete transformation in my body's appearance. I am much leaner (and I was pretty lean before!) As regards training, in the main build phase of training I was totalling over 32 hours a week, Including 500 miles of cycling a week, 50 miles of running and at least 10km of swimming, I have been taking a full rest day only every three weeks as I decided active recovery was suiting me better.


With working full time and racing professional triathlon Udo's oil has seriously helped me to achieve my goals by delivering me the goodness I need to carry out the consistent training and staying healthy (things that have troubled me in the past). Udo's Oil has been so easy to fit into my diet, generally taking just 30ml with some juice at tea time. I have always focussed on a low fat diet as I put on weight very easily, and with Udo's supplying me the right fats I have no worries that I am missing out on the essential fats I need to keep my body at it's peak. My diet usually consists of a lot of carb's, like most triathletes I can eat for England! I always make sure my meals have protein in, usually in the form of lean meats like chicken or turkey, and red meat once a week. My other training secrets are peanut butter (I eat it by the bucket load) and as the Ironman approaches I cut out all un-natural sugars to help me maintain my racing weight as my training decreases.

With my last long run "in the bank" I can now start tapering off my training and getting fresh to race again over the next couple of weeks.

We will catch up with Steve after the race and after his well earned break on the beaches of Mexico and we wish him the best of luck in the race.

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